Brazil WC 2014



Jane, rain, fence, me..i remember

Jane and I had been
working together for most of the summer. We were painting houses for a
company they employs
college students. I had
worked with Michelle on the
first house i painted but was moved to a different team
after that. A month or so
later some people had left
the company and we were
reunited and spent the rest
of the summer together
painting houses.
As exterior house painters
when it rained you couldn’t
paint. So on one of those
days we decided to walk
back to my house in the rain.
She wanted to make a
playlist from some of the
songs I had on my
computer. On the way back
to my house it really started
to come down. I asked if she
want to go somewhere and
wait it out, but she said she
was fine so we kept walking.
About a block or so later she
turned to me and asked if i
had ever kissed someone in
the rain. I told her i didn’t
think i had but i couldn’t be
totally sure. Just as i finished
talking she grabbed my shirt
and pulled me in, her lips
were soft and wet from the
rain. I could taste her lips
mixing with the rain water. I
started to pull away but she
pulled me back again, harder
this time. Also, this time I
could feel her tongue on
I wrapped my arms around
her and pulled her tight, by
this time both of our clothes
were soaking wet. Her huge
wet breasts pressed against
me. The feeling of the
breasts mixed with the kiss
started to arouse something
in me. My cock was getting
hard and starting to press
against her. She stopped the
kiss, looked down and then
back to my eyes. She smiled
took my hand and pulled me
towards a heavy grassy area
with chain link fence that
was near by.
She slammed me back
against the fence and stated
to kiss me again, the rain still
coming down hard was
making the fence cold to the
touch. I grabbed her and
spun her around so that she
was facing the fence. Her
finger wrapped around it.
The cold from the fence
made her nipples hard and i
could easily see them
through her shirt. At the
sight of this my cock was
hard. I pressed again her,
she pressed back. I wrapped
one arm around her grabed
her breast. She left out a
moan. She was dripping
from the rain as i kissed her
I moved my hand from her
breast to her waist, then
down to her pants, then
under. As i slide my hand
down i was happy to find
she had no underwear one.
So my fingers moved freely
to her rain drenched pussy. I
rubbed her lips for a minute,
they made my way to the clit.
“I want you to taste me she
said” as she pulled my hand
out, spun around and
started to take her pants off.
Her back against the fence,
and pants down, i got to my
knees and started to eat her
pussy. The rain water mixed
with the taste and it became
something amazing. I could
feel her legs tighten around
me as she started to cum.
“Fuck, Fuck, Fuck” i could
hear her say quietly as she
started to cum. Her hands
reached down and pulled my
head towards her pussy. She
seemed to cum again very
quickly after the first,
almost as if it was one on
top of the other.
But as this one finished she
pull me away. And started to
grab for my pants as fast as
she could. “I need this now”
she said, “I want you in me”.
She undid my pants and
slide my boxers down. The
rain on my cock felt nice.
Already wet from the rain
she bent over spit on my
cock rubbed it with her
hand, quickly turned around,
grabbed the fence with one
hand and with the other
plunged my cock into her
She was wet from the rain
and spit so I slide right in,
but she was tight and warm
compared to the cold rain.
My hands slid along her
body, and cupped her
breasts. They were large and
soft. Her ass pressed back
against me as my cock slid in
and out. She seemed to want
to do a lot of the work so I
let her. She ass moved not
just straight back and forth,
but kind of more around
and in and out.
Now this is the part of the
story I’m not totally proud of.
Between the rain, her
breasts, and the overall
situation, it really didn’t take
me long to cum. But hey i
was in college so, what can I
She pulled me out just
before i was going to cum
and she jerked me off with
one hand on her lower back
and ass.
I turned her around and we
kissed some more. We got
dressed and continued back
to my

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